A multinational study of resilience in breast cancer

The first wave of data from the BOUNCE H2020 project have been coming in as more than 660 women, recently diagnosed by breast cancer have generously volunteered their valuable time and energy to respond to the extensive study questionnaires. One notable finding of the...

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BOUNCE Integrated Platform Architecture

Towards designing a platform that will guarantee uninterrupted data flow and smooth interaction amongst its technical components, the BOUNCE consortium partners led by Singular Logic designed and documented the BOUNCE Platform Reference Architecture. The BOUNCE...

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Interview HUS trial nurse Satu Karjalainen

In Helsinki the recruitment process of BOUNCE is nearly finished as the total number of patients recruited for BOUNCE prospective pilot is over 200. The aim of this pilot is to collect an extensive battery of information mainly through NOONA platform about the factors affecting breast cancer patients resilience. Trial nurse Satu Karjalainen has been a key person in the recruitment process since after the doctor’s appointment she has introduced the study in detail to the patients as well as assisted patients with the Noona platform.

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BOUNCE integrated platform first release

The first integrated BOUNCE platform was successfully released on M21, featuring the first set of services and features in accordance with the formulated integration strategy and plan, as well as the defined platform release plan. The development of the integrated BOUNCE platform follows an iterative approach which enables the incremental definition of the available platform’s features and offerings which are designed and implemented for each iteration.

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