Public Deliverables

In this page, the deliverables of the project will be posted as soon as they are accepted by the European Commission.

Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Due Date
(in months)
D1.1 BOUNCE Value Chain (Click to download) 6
D1.2 BOUNCE Requirements & Usage Scenarios (Click to download) 6
D2.1 Definition and assessment of resilience in women with Breast Cancer (Click to download) 6
D2.2 Definition and assessment of multi-level factors potentially affecting resilience (Click to download) 6
D1.3 BOUNCE Methodology (Click to download) 9
D3.1 Identification of Internal and External Data Sources and Registries (Click to download) 9
D3.2 Initial semantic model (using existing data) (Click to download) 12
D5.1 BOUNCE Conceptual & Reference Architecture (Click to download) 12
D6.1 Clinical pilot methodology and preparatory actions (Click to download) 12
D4.2 Initial Design and Implementation of the Preliminary In Silico Resilience Trajectory Predictor (Click to download) 18
D3.3 Final semantic model (using real data) (Not available) 24
D4.3 Final Design and Implementation of the Preliminary In Silico Resilience Trajectory Predictor (Not available) 30
D3.4 Solutions for Data Aggregation, Cleaning, Harmonization & Storage (Not available) 36
D4.4 Accuracy Evaluation, Finalization and Quality Assurance of the BOUNCE In Silico Resilience Trajectory Predictor (Not available) 36
D8.4 Data Management Plan (Not available) 36
D7.1 Predictive accuracy of the In-Silico Resilience Trajectory Predictor (Not available) 39
D2.3 Individual and societal benefits of high levels of resilience (Not available) 40
D2.4 Data-validated model of the role of resilience and resilience correlates in efficient adaptation to breast cancer (Not available) 40
D7.2 Cost-benefit analysis of In Silico Resilience Trajectory Predictor (Not available) 42
D7.3 Roadmap for developing a predictor for other disease groups (Not available) 42
D8.2 Dissemination & Scientific Workshop Activities Report (Not available) 48
D8.3 Communication Activities Report (Not available) 48


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777167

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