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NHG Consulting

Short Name: NHG
Type: SME
Country: Finland

Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) is a Finnish company specialized in planning and developing health and social services especially in Finland, Sweden and Russia. NHG is a leading health and social services management consultant in Finland. Our specialists are among the top minds in industrial management and medicine. Together with our customers, we produce customized solutions for improved productivity, effectiveness, quality, and customer orientation. As an example, our work involves the analysis, planning and deployment of new business or operating models, services and processes. We are also experts in handling and analysis of big data and utilizing predictive modeling in designing and focusing/targeting services. Currently we are also helping our customers to shift their orientation towards creating better system and service level outcomes/value (payer, provider and patient perspectives included) as opposed to focusing on only outputs.



The role of NHG in the proposal focuses on the following work areas:

  1. To help design the study, especially relating to the data to be collected, and then to participate in developing the predictor (machine learning techniques). This work makes use of NHGs documented strengths, i.e. understanding of health care processes and clinical registry data, expertise in handling that data and in data mining and predictive modeling. (WP1 – WP4)
  2. To support the Clinical Pilot design and resilience model validation and User-driven resilience service design for women with BC (WP6)
  3. To design and execute a rough service system level cost-benefit and cost-impact analysis that can justify the adoption of the predictor in clinical practice (WP7). This work makes use of NHG’s vast experience in cost-benefit, cost-utility and cost-efficiency modeling in different diseases and treatments.
  4. To be responsible for the IPR and innovation and exploitation and creation of a business plan of the results (WP8). NHG has significant experience in drafting business plans for innovations.
  5. To be responsible for the risk management during the project (WP9). NHG has experience from a successful conduct of over 1000 research and development projects and is well equipped to manage the risks of this project and a consortium of multiple partners.





This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777167

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