Authors: Haridimos Kondylakis, Lefteris Koumakis, Ketti Mazzocco, Manolis Tsiknakis, Kostas Marias
Where: Book Chapter P5 eHealth: an agenda for the health technologies of the future, 2020, Springer

One line

Experiences from five EU projects for transforming the nature of healthcare in cancer management from reactive to preventive, personalized and participatory.


Significant improvements in cancer research have led to more cancer patients being cured, and many more enabled to live with their cancer. As the disease is now managed as a chronic illness, it requires long-term surveillance and maintenance treatment. This requires a transformation in the nature of healthcare from reactive to preventive, personalized and participatory. To this direction, in this chapter we present relevant approaches developed within five European funded projects and we report on experiences and lessons learnt. More specifically, we describe the eHealth solutions developed, enabling patients to actively participate in their disease management, the results out of those projects towards the P5 vision and more especially on the participatory aspect and we present a set of requirements and guidelines for future technological solutions.

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