BOUNCE project arranged a dissemination event in June in Helsinki, Finland. The aim of the event was to raise awareness of the project and the themes around it in the general public. The event consisted of two independent sessions: one with orientation in the patients’ perspective, psychological adaptation in cancer and resilience as a concept. The second session was more technical concentrating on digital tools in cancer care and research and modeling the resilience with data.

The BOUNCE project has now been going on for 18 months, and the recruiting of the patients is still undergoing. To accomplish the project’s goals, it is extremely important to recruit enough patients in all the clinical sites in Helsinki, Milan, Lisbon, and Jerusalem. The recruitment started in January 2019, and the first patients are already proceeding third round of information collection. The patients will answer questionnaires every three months, and the first questionnaire is answered before the treatments begin.

The recruited patients will answer broad questionnaires related to psychosocial and sociodemographic factors as well as health service usage mainly with Noona. Noona is a digital tool developed for following up breast cancer patients. The patients can use it in reporting their overall condition and patient-reported outcomes, and they can also be in contact with their health care professionals in charge. Noona is one of the partners of BOUNCE consortium.

The first dissemination event offered insights into the BOUNCE project and provided opportunities for the researchers to engage with different stakeholders and the general public. The first results can be expected at the beginning of next year when all the patients have been in for six months.

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