The project BOUNCE was presented to a group of students participating in a  course on Women’s Health at  Ariel University; who found the project interesting and promising. The course was on zoom due to Corona. Prof Hamanma-Raz  a member of the Israel BOUNCE TEAM, runs the course and she delivered a slide presentation in Hebrew with a synopsis of the BOUNCE PROJECT, goals and objectives

Presented by :

Yaira Hamama-Raz, Ph.D.
Professor and Social Worker
School of Social Work
Ariel University
Ariel Science Park, Ariel, 40700

Member of the scientific committee- 41st International Conference of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society (STAR)

This yoga practice (in Hebrew) is intended for dealing with breast cancer during the treatment period when it is difficult to move. Soft movement combined with breathing will strengthen the immune system and provide you with a pleasant feeling in the body.

אימון היוגה הזה, מיועד למתמודדות עם סרטן השד בתקופת הטיפולים, כשקשה לנוע. תנועה רכה בשילוב נשימה תחזק את המערכת החיסונית ותספק לך תחושה נעימה בגוף

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